Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 16/17 and oh yes one small thing were going home...

Tuesday - September 10th 
It was very hard not to post straight away the most amazing news we got this morning..
We had a meeting this morning with Dr de Wilde (surgeon responsible the team while we were here) to discuss Gavin's progress and procedures to date.
He told us that he is very happy how everything has gone so far and is amazed at how quickly Gavin is recovering from the surgeries and brachytherapy.  He then told us that their is no need to stay any longer and Gavin could do the rest of his recovery at home...we couldn't believe it we were so happy and so was Gavin... 
Gavin whispered in my ear "can I give the doctor a hug...I nearly broke down crying..." So I helped him over to Dr de Wilde..I could see he was touched also by Gavin..
We spoke about all that has happen and follow ups to come and a handover back to our consultant in Crumlin. 
Gavin is still very unsteady on his legs and can't walk unaided so hopefully a few more weeks rest at home and he will be back to normal. 

We then came back to Ronald mc Donald house and changed our flights to Wednesday...
Conor and Lucy don't know we are coming back so we can't wait to see their faces.
Jaynes good friend Sharon was over in Amsterdam on business so she popped in for a while to see us too. It was really great so see a familar face again..
In the afternoon weball fell asleep for 3 hrs after the news.
I think all the lack of sleep and adrenaline used to get through the last few weeks is hitting us now..
Just can't wait to get back home now...

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  1. Such wonderful news. I imagine you are ready to collapse right now but I'm sure the joy and relief will carry you through the next few days. Fab :)