Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 15

Another great day today thank god. Gavin finally got the supra pubic tube removed. Woohoo..
Now in saying that it wasn't the nicest experience for Gavin or us as they took it out while he was awake. It tool a few pulls and holding Gavin down...but we had the help of Anna the play specialist too and we would be really lost without her help at this stage. She always shows up at the perfect time and Gabin is really fond of her. From the moment she met Gavin she took the time to see how he reacts to situations and what he likes eg pirates, trucks, arts & crafts etc.
So today she brought some supplies to make a digger and also the Beads of Courage as Gavin had more things done.

We were allowed to leave once Gavin had urinated (they needed to make sure yet again the bladder was working ok)

By 4pm everything was working and we could go and then even better news...we could go and stay in Ronald McDonald house all together once we are back in the hospital for 8am...
Well they didn't even get a chance to finish that sentence and we were in the lift... 

So happy that we can all stay in the same bed/room again together...

Gavin is so happy right now it's just brilliant. He understands about what was happening today and knows its another step closer to getting home..

Gavin and Anna putting on more beads of courage. 

Captain of his ship:)

One happy little man today:)

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