Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 14 - 2 weeks here today

All good today. Gavin was in great form from the minute he woke but he didn't let Jayne sleep much last night. Seems like a night times now he just isn't settling. He has a nap during the morning or afternoon fine, we just have to go with it for now.
We went for a few walks up and down the ward today. Gavin's legs are very weak but he can hold himself up and walk once we hold his hands. It looks like his legs are drunk so please god we will build him back up to full strenght soon.
Their was no doctor around today so we have to wait until tomorrow to see if they can remove the catheter from his belly.
Today felt like the longest day so far because Gavin was not connected to any drips or medication so their was not too many visit by the nurses either so the day seemed to drag along but to see Gavin in good form was enough.
Hopefully tomorrow tube comes out..

Gavin sitting up too all by himself..

Enjoying the view from the ward.


  1. your cousin Leon is glued to this blog site and sends you loads of hugs and kisses and hopes that Santa will bring you a big surprise this year for being so brave XXXXXXX

  2. Gavin looks great John! Lots of love from us all in Spiddal! ;)