Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 13 What an amazing day all round..

The plan in the hospital today was to stop Gavin's Supra Pubic Catheter to see if he could urinate on his own.

Last night he wasn't good, he was in a lot of pain in his groin area and got very stressed out so he had to have a lot of medication to ease the pain.

By 8am he fell asleep for a few hours.

At 11 am the nurse stopped the catheter and increased the fluids to try and see if Gavin could go himself.,

By 1 pm his bladder was full but the pain and fear of trying to pee was kicking in. (Gavin remembered the last time we were in Amsterdam he also had a catheter inserted and when removed was very painful to urinate for the first few times.)

Jayne and I were more prepared today to cope with the hours ahead, as we also tried yesterday but asked to put the catheter back in because it was too much for Gavin. He got very stressed and upset. Something we never want him to go through.

Anyway a lot of praying by 3pm we had lift off...woooohooo

We were so happy and so was Gavin...he knew himself that it was working again and all would be ok..ahhh what a relief.

After having 2 surgeries especially in the stomach area and 2 catheters’ inserted for nearly 2 weeks you can imagine the body just doesn’t know what’s happening.

So we called the nurse in and told her the great news, then we asked could we go out for a walk..and Gavin asked to disconnect his tubes...and then helped as below

Leaving the hospital for the first time.... 

Feeding some ducks

Also at home today was a fundraiser for us Team Gavin Glynn. 2 Friends of ours back home (Lynda Pegman and Sandra Horan) came up with an idea to hold a 2 hr Spinathon in the local gym called GO GYM.

They had about 45 people signed up and we arranged to get t-shirts printed for the day with Team Gavin Glynn Spinathon 2013 @ GOGYM on them

We were able to Skype into the gym to watch it all happening...Well as you can see from the pictures below the energy in that room was electric.

It was very emotional and amazing for us to see everyone that had come down and support and partake in the event. It really shows how amazing people are in times like this..Greystones and Kilcoole especially people have just all pulled together to see how they can help us while Gavin battle is on.
We cannot thank everyone enough for all the really gives us great strength to carry on.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The below picture summaries today..
Today was a brilliant day for us all...
Everything has been good and will continue to be..



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