Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 7 - nearly finished Brachytherapy 12 hours left.

Getting closer now. All those seconds and minutes added up are bringing us closer to the end time for the Brachytherpy. 9.40am tomorrow morning 2nd September ..can't wait.
It was meant to be 7.40 but one of the wires wasn't working earlier so it had to be replaced. Then the computer hung that runs the radiotherapy program that controls the machine so what did they do....Shutdown and Restart the PC... 
 I laughed....the amount of time I've told people to do that...haahaaa

Gavin slept a bit more this morning and afternoon which was great. His left leg is causing discomfort but we got the pain specialist to check his med's again and the epidural so they gave him a little bit extra.
The nurse also changed all his dressings from the surgery this morning, she was really so gentle with Gavin it was and the wound is healed over already and the scaring is so clean...the surgeon and his team did an amazing job so far.

We still have his leg raised too which is also helping.
He ate some tomato soup and we have some peppa pig hoops from home with us so hopefully he will eat those later.
We will move tomorrow morning about 11.30 to the surgical ward where we will stay until Wednesday.
It's 9.30pm now so 12 hrs to go...

Below picture of Jayne waiting outside Gavin's room. Says it all really..

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  1. This photo brought a tear to my eye,well every update does really,so many people are behind you all,never far from my thoughts and prayers xxx