Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 6 - 16 sessions done half way..

At 10pm last night we reached half way thought the brachytherapy procedure.

It has got a bit easier now we know what to expect. Leaving Gavin still is very hard every 2 hours and closing the big metal doors but we know it has to be done.
14 minutes....that time will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life. 840 seconds. 
It does not seem long but when you are watching every second on a monitor screen and also watching your child every movement it is a very very long time... Gavin has got upset a few times and is very hard to watch but seems to settle after about 1 minute, it hard to watch knowing you can't just hold him tight ..but we don't want to stop the procedure once started.

Gavin still hasn't slept much so far just blocks of 1-2 hours and he isn't very comfortable. As for Jayne and I well 3-4 hours max so far but its ok, we have a job to do so sleep will have to wait. Our good mate Sargent Coventry (big gavin) told me before we came that 4 hours is enough and what the cadets in the army can live on..well it's working thanks mate:)
Gavin's Left leg has been giving him discomfort since the operation. We now know that the plate/mould used to hold the wires is close to his sciatic nerve so whatever way we can get him comfortable is a challenge.
Gavin has eaten small pieces of food, he can't decide on what he wants to eat so we are trying everything from pancakes to salami..
He is still in good form in between all the other stuff, watching movies and enjoying  opening the present we brought from family and friends. 
Please god the next 16 sessions go smoothly and Gavin can sleep more.
- Note to Gavin for when you read this in years to come "You are the bravest and strongest little man in the whole world, we all love you Gavin stay strong buddy. We will beat this together xxx"


  1. Keep going guys, what you are doing is amazing.
    Lots of love, Donal, Emer, J, C, J xxx

  2. Some day soon Gavin will realise that he is the luckiest boy in the world to have such amazing parents to fight his battle for him with such courage and dignity. A child cannot be given a gift any greater than that. I hope your worries get less and less as the days pass by and time brings back to you some smiles that don't hide tears.