Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 11

Gavin had the best sleep so far last night. He still woke every other hour but only to see if I was still there and then went back again.
Jayne stayed in Ronald McDonald house so she also got a good few more hours sleep than previous nights.

The Team met this morning to make a plan for Gavin over the coming days.
Today they wanted to remove all the IV cables that were connected into his left hand and also remove one catheter.
The supra pubic catheter will stay in place (that's the one in his belly into his bladder) until tomorrow as the epidural is still connected so Gavin will not feel that he needs to pee.
Also to try Gavin sitting up. This would be hard as he has just been on his back for a week now.
Then extend the time and reduce the pain meds over the coming days and monitor his progress.

Anyway once some wires were disconnected we tried Gavin first sitting on Jayne's knee for about 20mins.
He was very sore and scared to move at the start as the tubes in his belly and also since he was only 24hrs post operation but he did it..

And then this afternoon we tried him again this time for 30mins and all good.


  1. Loving the selfies Gavin.... bit of a poser like your mum!!

    You are a little hero, lots of kisses from me, Nicola and your baby cousin Jacob, cant wait to see you soon x

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