Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Superman Gavin does it again

This is a video of our little superman yesterday waiting for his scan with Jayne. And they sent me this video while I was at work....

The reason why I'm posting this is that before we went to Amsterdam we were told that Gavin had some spots on his lu
ngs and our consultant told us he thought the cancer had spread..this as you can imagine was not good but we decided to try forget about it until after Amsterdam.

Jayne was told today by our consultant that he checked the CT scans of Gavin's lungs from yesterday is all clear....

 Miracles do happen...no spots on lungs...thank u god xxx and our little hero surprises us yet again...

So this means the re-occurrence of the tumour is in the primary site only and has not spread. This is such amazing news...We are all still in shock and over joyed.

As Jayne said to me earlier " I don't know how to handle good news only bad" well we can get used to this feeling:) 

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