Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More information on todays Operation (The medical Bit)

Today’s operation on Gavin has me in a biological overload all day of how amazing the human body is and also the surgical team...

To give you the background this is what happened in today’s procedure.
1: Removal of the mould and wires need for the Brachytherapy

2: Fill the hole left from the removal of the tumour last week with good fatty tissue.

Now number 2 is what has fascinated me...and especially after how excited the surgeon was to educate me on this tissue they used.

The tissue they used is called Omentum. This is fatty tissue around the belly and can be good and bad. Thankfully in Gavin’s case it was good. They took some of the tissue and placed it next to the area that has been radiated and where tumour was...This will naturally help heal and repair..

“The advantages of the omentum flap are numerous and significant:
It is extremely malleable, adapts easily to irregular surfaces, and has a long and reliable vascular pedicle.
The omentum is composed of highly vascularized fatty connective tissue and is attached to the greater curvature of the stomach”.
The omentum also has collections of milky spots for immune system contribution. During infection or trauma in the abdomen, the omentum can also physically move to cover the wound and limit infection. Surgeons have reported omentum following their hands during an abdominal procedure...


Gavin has been doing great all day and is in very good form considering all that has happened. Long may this continue..


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